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Citrus Con is a virtual 18+ convention dedicated to BL/queer media, shipping, fan works, and honoring how fan culture has grown in the past two decades.As our name is a nod to the classic citrus rating scale, we wanted to create a space where older and newer fans all felt welcome.At the convention, you will find numerous panels, streams, games, a Discord full of places to chat with other fans, and great merch and original works to purchase in our Artist Alley!Our event is anti-harassment and open to lovers of any content who want to enjoy and celebrate with the wider community.

Citrus Con is being organized by a group of BL fans dedicated to giving the community a safe space to enjoy our shared interests. We feel there are not enough events of this kind, and we aim to change that.Con staff currently consists of 5 core members which includes the moderators from discord servers Citrus Squad and The Church of BL. We are working hard to maintain the same culture we maintain in our other online spaces. You can expect a safe, judgement-free event where everyone is welcome to express themselves authentically.We will be seeking to add more staff to our team, including volunteers to help as needed during the event.

When is Citrus Con?Our first CitrusCon will be held August 26 & 27, 2023.What is Citrus Con?CitrusCon is a virtual 18+ convention dedicated to Boys Love/queer media, in all its forms. As well as honoring how fan culture has grown in the past two decades. Our name is also a nod to the classic citrus rating scale~!We wanted to create a space where older and newer fans all felt welcome. We also believe that anyone can be a fan of anything - and that is not indicative of them as a human in real life. Ship and let Ship. This content is fictional, it is escapism, and we do not condone harassment or violence against anyone for any reason.Is Citrus Con NSFW?Yes and No? We offer content for everybody! CitrusCon will have panels and discord channels that contain adult material, as well as noted spaces for SFW content. All programming will be graded on the “citrus scale”, as well as include content warnings for the programming that includes sensitive topics.Please check out the programming guide in the future for more info!How much are tickets to Citrus Con?Citrus Con is a free virtual convention - tickets will not cost anything. Entry to the convention will be set up through our Eventbrite. Registration will close before the first day of the con.Will Citrus Con be 24hrs / International Time Zone Friendly?We’re aiming to be! This will all depend on both panelist and staff availability, as well as what we’re given permission to record and rebroadcast during the other hemisphere’s respective time zones. We will also be adding all consenting panels to our YouTube channel. CitrusCon’s 2023 panels will be added to YouTube, ideally, by Sept. 16th.Delays may occur due to internet issues, and we will announce all updates via our Twitter.How can I be a part of CitrusCon?We will soon be looking for panelists, artist alley submissions, and volunteer "bouncers"! Information on how to get involved will be announced within the coming months.


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If you would like to request a guest for Citrus Con 2024, please e-mail us at [email protected].

David Wald
(Guest of Honor)

David Wald (he/him) as a long time English voice actor & ADR Director, has been a prominent voice in favor of featuring English adaptations of anime titles which focus on the LGBTQIA+ experience. As such, he has directed dubs including Given, Stranger By The Shore, Kase-san and Morning Glories, Love Stage!!, Hitorijime My Hero, and Bloom Into You.As an English voice actor, he has voiced roles in anime titles including ADAM in SK8 the Infinity; Gajeel in Fairy Tail; Tetsutetsu and Snipe in My Hero Academia; Hannes in Attack On Titan; Mrs. Hudson in Case File no221: Kabukicho; Coach Ukai in Haikyu; Master Chief in Halo: Legends; Bulat in Akame Ga Kill!; Duke Togo in Golgo 13; Rei in Love Stage!!; Reiji in Diabolik Lovers; and numerous others. He’s also the voice of Wainwright Jakobs in Borderlands 3 and Zeku in Street Fighter V. As an ADR Director, he has helmed titles including Case Study of Vanitas, Tada Never Falls In Love, Kokkoku, To Love Ru, and Cutie Honey Universe.

La Lionne Cosplay

Anya (she/her) is a queer cosplayer and avid fan of manga and all things BL. She first dabbled in cosplay in high school, but didn’t get into it as an art form until she fell in love with Yuri!!! on Ice in 2016 and just had to crossplay Yuri Plisetsky. Since then, she’s channeled her passion for cosplay and sewing into a variety of crossplays and cosplays alike, from Howl Pendragon to Kaoru Sakurayashiki, with plans for many more to come!


CATHEXIS is a creative duo who produce queer adult illustrations and comics. Their freshman work “Sex Therapy” excited BL fans with its lovable characters, realistic relationships, and uncensored sex scenes. CATHEXIS is inspired by almost two decades of reading BL and strive to entertain and delight themselves as well as their audience. When not working on comics, appearing at conventions, or blessing their Patreon supporters they enjoy quiet home lives full of love with their eight cats.

The Yaoi Shelf

The Yaoi Shelf is a monthly podcast exploring all things BL and yaoi while discussing tropes, media criticism and more along the way. Guiding the ship(s) and stormy seas are two well-seasoned fujin who’ve seen it all: Amanda (AichiYume online) & Carola (AuthorCarola pretty much everywhere).Check out their podcast catalogue HERE!



Carola is a professional fangirl & published BL author. A hobby-scholar with a deep love for BL history, and fujin since the early 2000s. She is a panelist, radio host and convention organizer with her fingers in too many pies. Born and raised in arctic Norway, she keeps her heart warm fawning over BL, and lives purely on spite and caffeine. At constant odds with Sanza the cat. Cries about SasuNaru on a daily basis.


Amanda is a panelist, scholar, writer, cosplayer, generalized fan and cake enthusiast. She has been proudly paneling at anime, comic book and video game conventions of various sizes across the state of Texas for nearly a decade and has just as many years of experience in running anime and Japanese culture clubs from high school to the collegiate level.By day, she is a professional social media manager and writer and can be found wherever there are good conversations and cake. By night, she is a fierce crusader against poorly written characters, framing and consequences in writing, scholarly discussions about media and overanalyzing comic books.


JP Translator & Blogger, Dom, drops super juicy news & resources through their various Sareru blog posts & social media, covering both BL & other sundry Japanese media. See all the links via their webpage:

Erica Friedman

Erica Friedman is the Founder of Yuricon and has run the world's oldest and most comprehensive blog on Yuri, Okazu, since 2002. She has edited manga for JManga, Seven Seas and Udon Entertainment, including Riyoko Ikeda’s epic historical classic, The Rose of Versailles.Erica is the author of By Your Side: The First 100 Year of Yuri Anime and Manga, out now from Journey Press.

Blerdy Otome

Blerdy has been running the gaming site Blerdy Otome since 2015 and is an avid fan of otome games and boys love media. As a Black female gamer, she strives to celebrate and spotlight inclusive developers and media that highlight the wonderfully diverse gaming community.She recently started streaming on Twitch and continues to use her platforms to create spaces for all people to feel comfortable being their most authentic selves.

Rainy Studios

Sam is an independent scholar of fan studies with a specific focus on Queer Studies, Japanese Culture and Media, and Social Psychology. Their primary goals in academia are to rectify media misconceptions, combat disinformation and examine the roots of different prejudice in online communities.

James Welker

James Welker is a professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies at Kanagawa University in Yokohama, Japan.He is the author of Transfiguring Women in Late Twentieth Century Japan (2024), editor of Queer Transfigurations: Boys Love Media in Asia (2022), the “Queer(ing)” special issue of Mechademia (2020), BL ga hiraku tobira: Hen’yō guru Ajia no sekushuariti to jendā (BL opening doors: Gender and sexuality transfigured in Asia, 2019), and coeditor of Rethinking Japanese Feminisms (2018), Boys Love Manga and Beyond: History, Culture, and Community in Japan (2015), and Queer Voices from Japan: First-Person Narratives from Japan’s Sexual Minorities (2007). He researches and writes about BL, yuri, and other queer media from Japan and globally, as well as LGBTQ issues and feminisms in Japan.

Heart Core Dev

Irlana is a Canadian graphic designer by day and a die-hard sci-fi and BL VN enthusiast by night. She loves dialogue, friendships, romance, banter as well as spicy intimate moments in games. She started to make her own game, Synthetic Lover, back in 2018. She does the writing, UI, voice editing and a whole bunch of other things!Fable is a French BL enthusiast who runs the "BL Games World" website in which they share their love for BL games. Their good friend Irlana approached them back in 2021 to make a sci-fi game about a certain human pilot and his alien crush - The Symbiant. Since then, Fable has been in charge of programming and promoting our games.Together we formed HeartCoreDev, in which we create spicy BL games for you to enjoy!


Yura is the producer and original artist of Tennenouji, an independent brand of Boys' Love PC games.
Major titles they’re known for are "Mirakuru No-ton", "Luckydog1" and "Friendly lab”.

Bishie Sensei

Bishie Sensei, through a series of unfortunate events and questionable life choices, is a Japanese professor at a university that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent). He received his Ph.D. focusing on Japanese popular culture and has published multiple academic articles on BL, manga, and other otaku media. While he's been handed grants to present his "serious" work worldwide, he's happiest moonlighting as a translator/interpreter/bishounen at major anime conventions, including Yaoi-Con, Anime Expo, FanimeCon, and FujoCon.

Church of BL

The Church of BL has been Peachie’s passion project since they first started presenting panels at sundry anime & comic conventions in 2017.Peachie uses both humor & research to tackle BL related topics that many fujin find hard to stomach, oftentimes relating them to mental health and their own personal experiences.Through their convention travels, Peachie has met quite a few BL fans who were often fans of the more dark or taboo genres of BL, who felt they didn’t always fit in in many English speaking Fujin spaces. So Peachie does their best to alleviate that. Be that through their panels at cons, the COBL Discord server, their YouTube channel, or their recently launched COBL podcast.To find out more, check out their website: HERE

Ayu Yamane

Ayu Yamane is an independent BL/gay romantic comic artist. Carefully depicting everyday life, the stories in her comics are always related to ordinary people’s extraordinary love. Her distinctive drawing style has been developed over a long career as an illustrator. Her love of cats, birds, old architecture and the stories of age-gap couples strongly influence her comics.

Applications Now CLOSED!
See you at the con!~

We need YOU to help us make this con the success we know it can be!
If you're interested in being involved, check for more information below!~

Be a Volunteer

We are looking for lots and lots of Bouncers to help the con run smoothly. The types of volunteers and expected duties are listed below:Citrus Con Discord Moderator
- Will be responsible for a given section of the convention Discord server.
(General Chats, Game Streams, Artist Alley, Help Desk, Announcements)
& upholding our server rules & policies.
Event Host Aid / Event Moderator
- Will be responsible for covering both panels & game events, depending on your section.
- Checking in Event Hosts & doing stream checks before events, as well as
moderating the chat during the events you're assigned to.
(helping host with questions, upholding our server rules & policies, etc.)
- Assisting in technical issues (Example: helping a panelist fix their audio.)All volunteers MUST be at least 18 years of age and registered for the convention.

Host Programming

Programming is where the magic happens at Citrus Con! It's the entertainment! The show! We're looking for anyone excited to host a panel, watch party stream, or game event!You can find all the information you need regarding programming for Citrus Con in our comprehensive programming guide HERE.For any specific questions/concerns, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Sell on Artist Alley

A favorite among con goers! We invite creators of all kinds (artists, writers, crafters, etc.) to apply for a spot at our virtual Artist Alley.All we ask is that you:- are at least 18 years of age
- are registered for the con
- can provide examples of an online storefront and/or completed commissions
You can find more information on our virtual Artists Alley in the info section of the application!


Events are subject to change based on unforseen circumstances. Attendees will be notified in the con server and the schedule will be edited to reflect this.

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Official Citrus Con Program
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